Hello! Happy things are about to come!

We believe that every individual deserves to live life to its fullest by being able to do things that he enjoys everyday. Truth is, the more things we do, the more our body uses up quality energy — sourced from the food we eat. And B-vitamins are the fuel for this metabolism to happen.

Enervon’s B-complex and Vitamin C formulation helps your body efficiently breakdown the food you eat into usable energy and constantly generate infection-fighting white blood cells, hence give you that extra energy and immunity so you don’t miss out!

We hope you were able to enjoy your 14-day journey with Enervon, just like how we enjoyed every story you shared! For those who haven't tried the challenge yet, take one tablet, once a day, everyday, and share us your stories as well!


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  • Reia
  • Rod
  • Rowena
  • Michael
  • Kelly
  • April Apoderado
  • Arce Doneza
  • Arcelyn Riodique
  • Charine Garces
  • Christopherson O. Baroro
  • Clarisa Pineda
  • Cristine Jean Abehay
  • Cyrene Delos Santos
  • Don Abelardo Melegrito
  • Emily Cañares
  • Erwin Cabigao
  • Eufemia Hubiera
  • Gerick Dave Vender
  • Joan Peralta
  • Joven Cosico
  • Joy Pineda
  • Kristine Lopena-Manlili
  • Levy Estilo
  • Mary Jane Abne
  • Mary Jean Candido
  • Melvin Dela Cruz
  • Mona Jennica Micah Miller
  • Monique Gisala
  • Reynan FLores
  • Rina Galzote
  • Ronald Atangan