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4 Enervon Secrets to Extra Energy & Immunity

4 Enervon Secrets to Extra Energy & Immunity

Some days you have what it takes to power through a tough day, some days you don’t. If today is more of the latter, try these simple Enervon hacks for unlocking energy and immunity at any part of the day.

Sweat out More Energy

Take some time off to stretch or hit the gym. Contrary to popular belief that workouts will drain you, engaging in physical activities pumps up the body. Just 30 minutes of exercise should get you up and going for the next 2 hours.


Mind your Thoughts

Never underestimate the power of thoughts, feelings and the mind. Exhaustion can come out of nowhere and you may feel tired for no reason at all. Harsh as it may sound, sometimes it’s all in the mind. When you feel like you’re drowning in worn down, negative thoughts, try overpowering your mind by turning to facts. List down 5 truths, or look around and write down 5 things that you see.


Trade your Sweet, Fatty Cravings for Health-Boosting Snacks

“Sinfully sweet snacks” aren’t dubbed as such for nothing. On one hand, fatty, oily foods leave you sluggish because they require a lot of energy to digest. Processed sweet treats, on the other hand, cause blood sugar and energy levels to spike and crash. Try these alternative snacks instead: fresh cuts of apple, banana, yogurt, oatmeal, cereals, and popcorn. Aside from being energy-boosting, their healthier as well. And also, don’t forget to take Enervon daily. B-vitamins in Enervon will help optimize the conversion of food into energy you can use for the activities of the day.


Rest and Take an Uninterrupted Breather

Sometimes when your muscles are sore, when you’re far too physically exhausted to tackle one more item on your to-do list, the best action point would be to give in, sit back and pause. Energy and immunity can also come from being kind to your body. Have you ever tried dropping everything and indulging yourself to 5 minutes of dog and cat videos online? How about closing your eyes and doing a little meditation? You’ll be surprised with how rejuvenating taking a short, uninterrupted break can be.


Healthy Hacks to Habits with Enervon

Turn the above-mentioned hacks into habits and what you get is a steady flow of energy and a stronger immunity. Just remember to pair it up with the non-negotiables of a healthier lifestyle: be active, eat healthy food choices, and take a daily multivitamin to max out the health benefits. Enervon contains B-Complex vitamins which are essential co-factors in the energy production process of the body. It helps our bodies maximize the breaking down and conversion of the food we eat into usable energy for all the things we want to do in the day. Also containing 500 mg of Vitamin C which helps your immunity, Enervon can be a great partner to help you seize every day.


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