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Multivitamin Benefits & Brain Health Boosting Tips

Multivitamin Benefits & Brain Health Boosting Tips

The human brain is constantly active and it eats up a lot of energy whether awake or asleep. Should you commit to a daily regimen of taking multivitamins? For multivitamin benefits that support brain health and function: YES!

Multivitamin Benefits & Brain Health Boosting Tips

Basics about Brain Health

The main driving organ of the nervous system, the brain is responsible for the bodies’ internal and external activities, as well as the processing of emotions and thoughts. Because of its roles and responsibilities in the human body, the brain eats up a lot of energy to function. It uses up energy even during the body’s resting state.

What happens when the brain does not receive enough energy? Its functions slow down. Not only is your thinking affected, so are some of your physical movements. Emotionally, you tend to believe that you are not strong enough or good enough to accomplish something.

But for those who keep pushing themselves beyond their limits in pursuit of their passions, there’s just no time for that.

Multivitamin Benefits for Brain Health

Keep the brain young and working like a well-oiled machine by engaging in brain-boosting activities such as solving brain-challenging puzzles, getting complete rounds of sleep, exercising and eating the right bites. In addition, consuming nutritious food and beverages, consider taking supplementary multivitamins daily. Make sure to review your choice of supplement for multivitamin benefits that support brain health. A few of the key nutrients to look for are:

B Vitamins

Particular vitamins within the B group have been found to be essential in brain development and

keeping the brain healthy. Thiamine (B1) and folic acid (B9), for example, help supply energy for the heart’s and brain’s functions. They are also essential in the production of neurotransmitters and the regulation of nerve function, affecting learning and memory skills.


Aside from aiding B vitamins in converting sugar into energy, magnesium maintains elasticity in the nerves.

Vitamin C

The brain maintains a high level of vitamin C for the prevention of oxidative stress

and the production of dopamine.

Vitamin D

A healthy dose of vitamin D helps produce neurotransmitters and promotes mental alertness.


With the multivitamin benefits of B-complex and Vitamin C, Enervon can help enhance mental alertness.

If symptoms persist, consult your doctor
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