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Small & Smart Habits for Healthy Living in 2018

Small & Smart Habits for Healthy Living in 2018

Every start of the year is greeted with a list of resolutions that we try to stay true to. But the reality is: most of these resolutions do not even see the last few days of January—especially those related to healthy living. This year, let’s strive to keep our promises by doings things slowly but surely.

Commit to a healthier you this 2018. Every healthy move, however small, is highly essential in keeping your body conditioned to go after your major goals.

Move, Move, Move!

In case you haven’t heard, sitting is the new smoking, and the perfect countermeasure for that would be to move whenever you can.

More movement, more sweat, more stretching. Move whenever you can. If you have to make a choice whether to ride an escalator or to take the stairs, take the stairs.  Between taking a trike or walking a few blocks, go for the walk.

Get a Good Shut-eye

Have you been getting enough sleep? You should. The human body repairs itself and makes necessary tune-ups while you’re asleep. One good round helps you better manage stress, prevent energy slumps and strengthen the immune system.


Make 7-9 hours of sound sleep your daily quota. If you’re having problems getting a restful shut-eye, these tips should help:

  • Create a bedtime routine
  • Turn your phone to silent mode and keep it away from your bed
  • Keep the bedroom dark or dim
  • Avoid meals or snacks before bedtime

Carry a Water Bottle EVERYWHERE

Keep many of the bodily functions in check by drinking lots and lots of water. Avoiding dehydration maximizes physical performance, prevents headaches, and keeps you up and alert.

Target 2 litres of H2O every day with a water bottle that you can bring anywhere. If you want to add flavors, you can always go guilt-less with fresh cuts of your fave fruits.

Mind What You Eat

Mindless eating is when you eat while watching something on TV, while you’re on your phone or something similar. By being less conscious with how and what you eat, you tend to indulge excessively.

So be a mindful eater and, as yogis would say, be present. Before digging in, have a good look at what’s on your plate—heck, take an IG snap, even. Then try to avoid distractions. After you’ve taken that foodie shot, put your phone on silent and let it rest, face down, on the table.


Practice being more mindful with these tiny eating habits:

  • Notice your portions
  • While chewing, feel the various textures of your food
  • Take pauses in between bites


Eat More Greens and Supplement with Vitamins

Veggies and fruits are for kids and grown-ups too. Not only are they low in calories, they’re also high in nutrients, vitamins, minerals, fiber, enzymes and anti-oxidants.

See to it that there are greens and fruits in every meal. You can start off by adding fresh fruits for breakfast, soup and veggies for lunch, and a good serving of green salad for dinner.

Unfortunately, completing your nutrient requirements for a day with 2-3 meals can be difficult. For a boost to your body’s nutrition needs, couple your fruits and veggies with daily intake of multivitamins.

Go after your 2018 goals. Make them happen with added energy and better immunity.  To do that, read more about Enervon’s benefits here

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